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Joe Biden's brain surgeon claims former VP is 'sharp as he was 31 years ago'

A joke which presidential hopeful Joe Biden told the crowds in 2013 has resurfaced and has become relevant in this year's campaign. This joke, which is related to his verbal gaffes, casts a shadow on his campaign.

Back then, it was taken as a joke. Now, people are questioning whether or not it will affect his presidency, or right now, his campaign.

This joke took place years ago when Biden was on the operating table for the second time around due to a second brain aneurysm. Biden asked his doctor of what was most likely to take place should he survive. The doctor answered that his first aneurysm will control his ability to speak. 


As is the case, Biden is known for his verbal gaffes and there are people out there who are worried about his health. However, such concern over Biden's age and health is normal. He is 76 years old, after all. 

To pacify the crowds, experts on aging have stated that Biden's age and mental health are fine. The two brain aneurysms have been treated and he shows no sign of mental trouble.

The statement comes from the doctor who operated Biden himself, Dr. Neal Kassell. There is no chance that brain damage will affect Biden now. In fact, Kassell believes that there is no change in Biden's abilities other than it has become sharper. With absolute certainty, Kassell reveals that there is no damage to have taken place.


Biden's cognitive status is fine. Dr. Kevin O'Connor, his physician seconds Kassell, telling both supporters and doubters that Vice President Biden is in excellent condition. He [Biden] is more than capable of handling the challenges of the campaign and office for which he is currently running.

Biden continues his campaign and is one of the candidates on the lead for the Democratic nod. 

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