Joe Biden corrects himself after confusing Vermont and Iowa

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden had to correct himself when giving a speech at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The former Vice President accidentally referred to a speech he made in Iowa as a speech he made in Vermont.

Based on a report from the Washington Examiner, Biden caught himself and immediately corrected himself.

Biden was talking about how Trump handled the Charlottesville incident.
"At one point, the former vice president referenced his own speech in Burlington, Iowa last week when he accused the president of "fueling a literal carnageā€ in the country with his rhetoric, but initially said the speech took place in "Burlington, Vermont." Biden immediately corrected himself to say he delivered those remarks in "Burlington, Iowa."
WE also reported that Biden's staff could be limiting his public appearances to help cut down on the amount of mistakes, aka gaffes, that he's making while doing his public speaking.
Biden once said that poor kids are just as bright as white kids and that caught some backlash.
Another popular Biden gaffe was when he said that "we choose truth over facts" and that received quite a few comments on social media.


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