Joe Biden's 'Get In Line' comment upset Latino Leaders

Joe Biden is under pressure and is doing damage control after he suggested that undocumented immigrants should "get in line." He made this comment during Democratic debate which was upsetting to Latino leaders. Biden surprised the crowd with his words, as he sounded like he was using right wing talking points.

It all started on the last day of July, during the Democratic debate, when he used the term "get in the line," explaining that the United States need to check immigrants and then accepted only those that are highly-skilled. His words echoed conservative point of view, which was attacked by immigrants rights activists.


The pressure was so high that Biden had to concentrate on damage control in the last couple of weeks. He already had a meeting behind closed doors with Latino leaders while in San Diego. 

Mayra Macías who is executive director of non-profit organization Latino Victory thinks that Biden's language is unacceptable. When she reached the presidential candidate's team, she was told that the situation was already addressed. What activists say is that by accepting only immigrants with advanced degrees, it would mean that families would be separated and that this idea also has a racist component.

Cristóbal Alex, which serves as Biden's senior adviser confirmed that he got over 100 complaints. He said that he understands why people are upset but doesn't think that Biden was on a mission to hurt the Latino community. Alex reminded everyone that Biden is well-respected among Latino leaders and has a support of Congressional Hispanic Caucus.


It's also being said that Biden's plan is to increase immigration, as he would give citizenship to undocumented immigrants if they committed no crime and are employed. He also promised he would legalize the status of Dreamers, which is a term used to describe those that came illegally to the States while they were children.

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