Joe Biden got a milkshake. Just thought I'd let you know...

This might be the best Joe Biden video I have ever seen and I mean that in the most fake news way possible. This video is literally Joe Biden getting a milkshake with his granddaughter. That's right folks. And you wanna know what flavor he got? Well, you're just gonna have to watch this super duper exciting video for that one!

Now here's the funny part. Look how quiet the reporters and crowd are. Not too many questions. They're fairly quiet and respectful, just letting Joe Biden live his best life with a milkshake. Now think about if President Trump was getting a milkshake (his would be orange) and what the reporters would be like.

I think there would be more reporters and they would all be screaming questions at him. I can't imagine another scenario where reporters aren't yelling out all sorts of questions. So I also am curious why Joe Biden doesn't seem to have a ton of reporters yelling questions at him. Are the reporters there and just being more respectful? Would they give Trump the same quiet and respect if he was getting a milkshake with a family member? I really don't know.

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