Joe Biden praises Antifa to start his presidential campaign


Joe Biden just announced he is running for president and kicked off his campaign by praising the violent extremist left wing group known as Antifa. Biden called the fringe group "courageous" and stated that it's wrong to "draw a moral equivalence between white nationalist groups and those opposing them" according to the Daily Caller.

The Antifa group is well known for it's violent antics, showing up at events run by people on the opposite side of politics, and causing disturbances, damage, and overall not really accomplishing anything except making a scene. The group often protests against anyone advocating for free speech and have gone against journalists as well.

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Daily Caller stated more of Biden's statement about Antifa as he talked about the white nationalist rally that occured in Charlottesville, VA - a day where several people lost their lives because of the clashes. Biden "describes the white nationalists as having “crazed faces, illuminated by torches, veins bulging and baring the fangs of racism,” but describes the Antifa members who engaged violently with them as “a courageous group of Americans."

Biden calls one extremist group crazed and another extremist group courageous. Most people would agree that both groups are a bit extreme and they should leave each other alone. One could also say that if Antifa did not go to the white nationalist rally, that the people who lost their lives that day would still be alive. As soon as Antifa arrived, that's when it became violent. If both sides leave eachother alone, then there won't be any violence. 

Biden is doing nothing but pandering for votes from the left. Everyone knows that if the white nationalists and the Antifa group leave each other alone, then there is no violence. That's common sense.

Biden also fails to report that one side is more often caught up in violence. That's the Antifa group.

They started fires with Molotov cocktails during a protest of a planned Milo Yiannopoulos event at Berkeley. More recently, Antifa members showed up at Tucker Carlson’s house and hurled threats, while one of them slammed into his front door. 
The Daily Caller News Foundation’s reporting led to the arrest of two Antifa leaders who accosted and assaulted two Marines in Philadelphia. The perpetrators attacked the Marines, both Hispanic, while shouting about white nationalism.

Antifa is not a very friendly group. They seem very angry and they often participate in violence. Regardless of their objective, the violence and disruption of public events and assaults on people are not acceptable behavior in American society.

If Antifa and the people they dislike could leave each other alone and stop participating in violence, that would be a great thing.

But will they ever take that into consideration?

Is Biden being honest or just pandering for leftist votes?