Joe Biden rambles, trying to string his thoughts together

Jill Biden must hear a lot of this at home when her and Joe are talking. Joe Biden is rambling on and can't get the words out, so she chimes in like "yeah" to support whatever he's saying, but we don't actually know what he's saying.

Imagine Joe Biden at a meeting with world leaders who speak other languages. They're all sitting at a round-table and it's Joe's turn to talk. He does this rambling nonsense and everyone else looks at their interpreter like "what the f-ck is this man trying to say" and next thing you know we have bad trade deals or someone's buying stock in electricity produced by camels. Who knows what could go on, but Joe Biden needs to sit back, retire, and enjoy his days. We need an age limit on every position in government - once they hit 65, it's time to GET OUT, and that includes the presidency.

Is that man Joe Biden capable of sitting at a table with people who are calling the shots for the country?

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To be fair, there's a dumb person in Pennsylvania somewhere who rented a billboard making fun of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and they spelled "dementia" wrong. No seriously, they really did. Look folks, if you're going to make fun of Joe Biden and spend money on a billboard, at least run spell check first so you don't make us all look like morons.

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