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Joe Biden responds to signs about troubled son Hunter Biden

Joe Biden was hosting a small event during his presidential campaign and some guests held up a sign that got Joe's attention. The sign is not able to be seen in the video, but it's likely about Hunter Biden, because when Joe starts talking about it with the people holding it up, he says Hunter sends his regards, and that he's really proud of his son. Did the sign say "where's Hunter?" That remains unclear.

Hunter Biden has been involved in numerous scandals involving DNA tests with a newborn child who was born from a dancer, getting married to another woman, allegedly courting his late-brother's widow, substance abuse and rehab, and then there's the whole getting paid an alleged $83k per month during his time serving on the board of Burisma.

Every father should be proud of their children, but sometimes your kids act up and maybe they hang with the wrong crowd. Is that crowd a group of corrupt politicians? That could be.


Here's the video in which Joe Biden sees the sign in the crowd, addresses it, and makes his remarks about Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden seems to take it on the chin here, so he's being a good sport about it, despite the fact we all know what Hunter Biden's recent issues entail.

In Joe Biden's recent troubles, he actually suggested that Trump should stop blaming Obama for the problems with Iran.


Is that the same Obama that helped Iran get their hands on funds that could have potentially allowed them to buy the weaponry used to take down a passenger plane by mistake?

That remains to be proven, as a fact checker might say there is no way to tell which of the dollars sent to Iran were used to pay for what, and if any of them were used for weapons purchases.

This is speculation, but it's also highly likely, and that's the problem.

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