Joe Biden's new video looks like it targets lonley Cat Ladies and middle-aged Wine Moms

Former Vice President Joe Biden released a new ad campaign video that has a ton of cats, or as they call them, Democats.

The video looks like it's targeting lonely cat ladies and middle-aged wine moms and I honestly feel this video is a trap. I also wonder if the cats received any compensation and if they were paid at least $15 per hour minimum wage. If not, then Joe Biden has some explaining to do!

And why did they use cats? Did they think cats would appeal to everyone? What if you're allergic to cats and they give you the sniffles?

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What if you like dogs better, because come on, dogs are better than humans anyway. Cats are just mean and they sh*t on your floor when you're sleeping. They bring rats and birds in the house. They have dander and their litter box is always a disaster. Cats are just honestly the most evil creature on the planet and here comes Joe Biden with a video full of them.

Nah bruh, get them cats outta here. Put the cat back in the bag!

Is Trump gonna CRUSH Biden in next debate?

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