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Joe Biden under Secret Service protection, despite his events now being online

Joe Biden is once again under protection of Secret Service. A series of events where protesters have gotten too close are likely what sparked Biden's campaign to request protection.

Ironically, Biden is not currently hosting any events in person because of the coronavirus concerns.

Biden is doing his events online now, which raises the question as to why Biden needs Secret Service protection if he's doing his events on the Internet.

As quoted on WCVB, a spokesperson for the Secret Service said that "the U.S. Secret Service can confirm Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad F. Wolf, along with the Congressional Advisory Committee has authorized that the Secret Service provide physical protection for presidential candidate, former (Vice President) Joseph Biden... As a matter of practice and for operational security reasons, the Secret Service does not discuss our protectees, protective means, methods and or protective responsibilities."

Joe Biden's Secret Service code-name is "CELTIC."

In Biden's most recent events, in person, he had several incidents with protesters. At one point he lost control of a small crowd. Another incident saw Joy Reid nearly tackle someone who got too close to Biden. And another incident saw Joy Reid end up on the floor being helped up by a police officer.


Yet still, it remains unclear why Joe Biden would need Secret Service protection if he's now holding events online.

Are the Secret Service agents going to stand by while Joe Biden goes on Facebook live to chat with everyone?

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