Joe Flacco played so bad that Troy Aikman laughed at him on National TV

Joe Flacco played so miserably in Denver Broncos loss to the KC Chiefs that Troy Aikman was laughing at him on live National television. No seriously, it was almost at the level of uncontrollable pathologic laughter you might've seen in the Joker movie.


Despite stud QB Patrick Mahomes getting knocked out of the game, the Broncos still couldn't win, and it just got ugly when they were rocked by some low level backup and the Chiefs defense. Broncos lost 30-6 to a Mahomesless team. That's how bad the Broncos are? Or that's how good the Chiefs are?


Here's Troy Aikman taking a laugh-shit on Joe Flacco, who is only 34 and should be playing much better for a guy who was the Super Bowl XLVII MVP when they beat the 49ers back in 2012.