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Joe Walsh suggests almost every American is 'embarrassed or disgusted' with Trump

American politician and Republican presidential hopeful Joe Walsh is challenging President Donald Trump in the 2020 Primary. He is doing this in the belief that most Americans are "either embarrassed or disgusted" with the current president of the United States.

In a sit down with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, the conservative radio host and former Congressman representing Illinois 8th district, stated that "It's like we live in this bizarro world where I think every American is either embarrassed or disgusted, with who this guy is personally, President Trump. I think most people are privately tired of it." While Walsh says they are supporting the GOP, he clarifies that this is not a way of supporting President Trump. This is his answer when he was questioned by the host in providing evidence of the president's lack of support despite the 88% approval rating among the Republicans.

Walsh also talks about his private conversations with other people where he is told that though they cannot stand President Trump, Joe and the Democrats are socialists and he [Walsh] likes his tax cuts. "The guy's tweeting us into a recession. I could be wrong, the bet I'm making in this campaign and our slogan 'Be Brave' which is, 'Come on out, say publicly what you believe privately. Follow my lead. I think there's support there", Walsh adds.

In his insistence that he is doing this in order to win, he says he's been waiting for the moment that Republicans  "step up to make the moral case against President Trump" every year. While nobody stepped up and the Republican party won't do well, then the party will not only regret it but the U.S will be in danger.

Walsh joins forces with former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, sharing the same ideas in challenging President Trump.


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