Joy Villa wears #MAGA dress at Grammys, then she was attacked

Singer Joy Villa wore a #MAGA dress to the Grammy awards. That's when liberals turned on her and attacked her on Twitter.

What a tolerant bunch of liberals! I thought they had respect for people and were tolerant of other people and their differences. Turns out liberals aren't very tolerant at all. In fact, they're very violent too!

Look at the nasty messages the liberals said in response to Joy Villa's #MAGA dress!

What a bunch of nasty people they are!!

Liberals are double standard scumbags! They don't practice what they preach. Not one bit. It's a shame. They could be good people, they just don't want to be. They're maniacs. There's a reason why everyone, even borderline liberals, say that liberalism is a mental disease.

There is no one on a higher horse than a liberal. They play the victim card while holding their nose above everyone else.

Liberals are people who simply "don't get it" and I don't think they ever will.

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