Judge Jeanine tells protesters to be ready for consequences


Judge Jeanine put the smack down on some protester hooligans. She means business! The kind of business that places protesters in prison for up to ten years like the ones who were arrested at Trump's inauguration. Realistically, they'll get probation. But it's better than nothing, I guess.

Pirro responded calling what was talking place in the streets of our nation’s capital "criminal anarchy", and then doubled down emphatically stating that the violent protesters "deserved to be prosecuted and jailed."

She continued: "You break the law under Donald Trump, there's going to be consequences."

No doubt everyone has a right to peacefully assemble and protest, it’s what makes America unique,  similar to the “peaceful transition of power” that we witnessed, however “no one” has a right to destroy property, no one has a right to physically intimidate anyone, worst yet assault anyone…there’s a difference between peaceful protests and violent confrontation, and it’s what separates a civil society from the mob.

It would be nice if peaceful was part of the vocabulary comprehension.

It's only a first grade word. I guess some of the protesters skipped class that day.... read more

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