Judge suggests man released isn't a danger to community, this video says otherwise

Governor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed expressed their concern at a recent event regarding the release of a homeless man who attacked a woman just outside of her home.

Shocking security footage was released this week showing 25 year-old Austin James Vincent attacking Paneez Kosarian outside of the Watermark apartment complex early Sunday morning.

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Vincent was arraigned on Tuesday after being arrested at the scene of the crime, entering a plea of not guilty to charges of false imprisonment, attempted robbery and two counts of battery, and was released. Vincent was ordered by San Francisco Superior Court Judge Christine Van Aken to report to a caseworker on condition of his release.

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"I think it’s really unfortunate what happened. I think the judge, unfortunately, made a huge mistake. [The homeless] person is a danger to society.” Breed said.

Breed implied that releasing people who should be in mental health institutes, or in jail, causes potential harm makes it harder for the city to protect citizens.

Governor Newsom took a similar stance.

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"It was a very serious issue. It goes to the core of people wanting to live in a city as spectacular as [San Francisco]. And that foundation is safety."

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