Judge rules House Panel can't have Trump's NY taxes, but it's temporary

The ongoing battle on releasing Trump's tax return in progress. This time, with a point to Trump. A federal judge in Washington D.C, Carl Nichols (appointed by President Donald Trump in 2018) temporarily blocked NY state officials from giving Trump's state tax returns to a House committee chairman.

The judge said that the order will be in place until he considers where Trump's lawsuit should be heard: in the capital or in New York.


The battle over Trump's tax returns has been going on for years. He was asked many times to release them, also before the 2016 presidential election that he won.

In July, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a "special" law (so-called the TRUST Act) that, as many observers say, was constructed especially for the Trump's case, that was meant to make him release his tax returns. In response to this, Trump filed a lawsuit against the House Committee and two NY state officials. But as for now, it seems that it wasn't necessary and Judge Nichols' statement will help Trump.

There is a small glitch though, as The New York state officials said that what Judge Nichols did, doesn't concern them at all, since he doesn't have jurisdiction over them. They also added that the proper location to make that decision is not Washington D.C., but New York.


Nichols' order not only blocks NY state officials from releasing Trump's tax returns, but also makes them (New York Attorney General Letitia James and New York tax chief Michael Schmidt) notify the court and Trump, if the House Committee Chairman Richard Neil requests such information.

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