How to look like a junkie walking a dog

Was cruising down Lehigh Ave in Philadelphia and saw what looked like a junkie walking a dog. Since it's 2016 and everyone is on their phones, the first thing I did was record the guy who looked like a junkie walking a dog. I?was seriously glad the light turned red because I was able to get a solid video of this horrendous looking act. Who would ever walk a dog like that? This has to be the tallest junkie looking fella with the possibly meanest heart I've ever seen.  

He looks like a junkie walking a dog.

I saw he "looks like a junkie walking a dog" because I don't know who he is. I don't know if he has ever done a drug in his life. This is just how I imagine a junkie walking a dog. That man could be the nicest man on the planet and sober all his life for all we know. I am not calling the man a junkie, but I am saying that he looks and acts like one. I don't even know if that's a dog or what -but it looks furry and it's being dragged on a leash. What else is furry and walked on a leash? Must be a dog right? I recorded the video near the intersection of Lehigh and Kensington in Philadelphia, PA. If anyone sees this man or woman, ask them about this video. See if they can give you a better explanation. From my perspective, it looks like a junkie walking a dog. The people who walked by looked at him very weird, did double takes, and kept walking. I don't know what else to say besides let's hope there's not an injured dog somewhere in Philadelphia. I hope we get this figured out. If that really is a dog, then I hope he pays the price. Animal abuse is no laughing matter.