Jussie Smollett could be indicted within 'matter of hours' - grand jury ready and waiting

Rafar Weigel, an award winning anchor at Fox 32 Chicago informs us that 'Empire' star, Jussie Smollett, could be indicted within hours for his participation in the hate crime hoax that he allegedly orchestrated. Weigel posted on Twitter about another lawyer joining Smollett's legal team. Weigel also stated that his Chicago Police Department sources are who relayed the information about Smollett's possible indictment. Weigel posted his message on Twitter.

Top attorney Mark Geragos has joined #JussieSmollett legal team. He is assisting Todd Pugh and Victor Henderson. #CPD sources tell me an indictment of #Smollett could be coming in “a matter of hours. Not days”

Smollett claimed to be attacked by racists in Chicago. He claimed they put a rope on his neck, poured a bleach like liquid on him, and claims of them yelling "this is maga country" or something similar was also reported. Smollett's account of the story never really made any sense and it seemed like the majority of the general public did not believe him. Something about two white racist guys walking around Chicago late at night with a rope and bleach just didn't make much sense to people. It was so far fetched that people called it a joke right from the start.

To make things worse, Smollett only appeared to suffer a small scratch on his face. You would think that two guys beating him up would do a little bit more damage than a scratch. There does not seem to be any indication that the rope on his neck left damage. If two racist guys put a rope on a black man's neck, they would pull on it. Speaking of the rope, Smollett was found by police later still wearing the rope like it was a necktie. Who would leave a rope on their neck if they were seriously choked or attacked? No one!

Smollett was also reportedly on the phone with someone when it happened, but he won't allow the law to see his phone to verify and get a witness statement.


There are so many things about his story that stand out as fake.

The man deserves to be sent to jail for faking a hate crime. He tricked a lot of really stupid celebrities into supporting him. He made it harder for real victims to get justice. He deserves to be punished for his worst act yet. People who fake hate crimes deserve the same punishment as someone who commits a hate crime.

An article on Fox News reported that presenting Smollett's story in front of a grand jury is an option.

Chicago police have acknowledged to Fox News that presenting Smollett’s case to a grand jury or prosecutors is an option the department can pursue. They say they’re giving Smollett a “responsible” amount of time to respond to the department's request for a follow-up interview.

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Seems like the grand jury is ready and waiting.

So am I.

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