Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after falling and fracturing ribs


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Supreme Court issued a statement that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has fractured three ribs after she fell in her Supreme Court office Wednesday night.

The 85-year-old Justice reportedly had some discomfort after she went home. She went to the George Washington University hospital and stayed overnight.

She is being observed more today and treated for her injuries.

CNN stated, that "in November 2014, she underwent a heart procedure to have a stent placed in her right coronary artery, and in 2009, she was treated for early stages of pancreatic cancer.

In 1999, just six years after being sworn in as an associate justice, Ginsburg successfully underwent surgery to treat colon cancer.

Ginsburg, who became the second woman to serve on the high court following her appointment by President Bill Clinton in 1993, has become a progressive and pop culture icon."

If she retires early, that will leave President Donald Trump with a third Supreme Court nomination. The 'Notorious RBG' once stated she would like to work at least five more years, and that's speculatively so she can outlast President Trump in the hopes that Democrats win the White House in 2020, and then she can retire and give a Democrat the seat on SCOTUS.

Ruth should really retire and go enjoy herself. It must be hard working at that age.

Should there be an age limit on how long one can remain in government? Should people be expected to retire from government positions, except for President, by age 70?

Or should there be term limits for every government position?