Justin Bieber fight ends in a loss at Warriors/Cavs game

Justin Bieber fight?was over really?quick.

In case you missed it, your favorite Justin Bieber got into a little fist fight after the Warriors/Cavs NBA finals game in Cleveland. The person who jacked the beebs was a much larger black man. If this fight didn't get broken up, then Justin Bieber might be armless, as this man could've easily ripped his limbs?off and beat Bieber senseless with them. At least Justin would still have his voice to careen the ladies and try not to get sued like Ed Sheeran. The Justin Bieber fight didn't even last 15 seconds. It was like what happens when Mike Tyson used to knock people out seconds into round 1, except the Justin Bieber fight didn't result in a KO - just a TKO. Bieber acted like he wanted people to hold him back, but you know that boy wasn't winning a fight against anyone. justin beiber fight
Justin Bieber was still fired up when passersby managed to break up his Cleveland brawl. We just obtained this video, shot seconds after the first fight clip -- a Golden State Warriors fan grabbed Justin from behind and pulled him off the dogpile. Watch, you can tell Justin was still itching for a fight -- but witnesses tell us no more punches were thrown.?The huge guy he was fighting is off in the background.
After the incident, Justin posted selfies to social media to let everyone know his "pretty" face was not battered like a woman in a Lifetime movie. Only he can get into a battle with someone 900 times his size, then get up and act like he wants people to hold him back. Can we take a guess at how many seconds Beiber could take punches for before he lost consciousness to this guy and end up raped behind a dumpster by Brock Allen Turner, the Stanford Rapist? Too soon? You can watch the short Justin Bieber fight at TMZ.