Kamala Harris rally crashed by Trump supporters hootin, hollering, and honking car horns

Kamala Harris showed up in Florida to have a drive-in car rally. She got quite a surprise as Trump supporters crashed the event, pulled up across the street, and were hooting, hollering, and honking their car horns. They even did a "four more years" chant.

Greg Angel from MyNews13 posted this: "Democratic Vice President nominee Sen. Kamala is in Orlando for a “closed” car rally with supporters, as Trump supporters across the street from rally chant “Four more years!”" and this "Change is Coming" *honk honk honk* Dem VP Nominee Kamala Harris holding a car rally with 100+ supporters in Orlando (her first Central FL trip) as Trump supporters near by honk, hoot, and holler too." And let's just say this - the news guy is pretty good here. He keeps it legit on both sides!

If there's one thing we can see in this video, it's that Trump supporters are crashing an event by Kamala Harris without violence. They're just making noise, honking horns, and being silly. Sometimes we see counter-protesters from the left side of politics appear and bring chaos and violence. It's not all the time, but we've seen a lot of it this year on the news.

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Anyway, this looks like a funny thing to be at. Just sitting there honking your horn while Kamala Harris tries to talk to a small crowd, that's gotta be pretty hysterical. I wonder if anyone was able to see Kamala Harris and if she made a response to the extra noise...

I wonder if she was crying again, like she did in the pic below! I have no idea why she was crying in this picture, but it would be pretty funny if she cried because Trump supporters were honking their horns at her. HONK HONK!!

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