Kamala Harris says 'Trump is poisoning our planet'

Kamala Harris has come forward using Twitter to voice her concerns regarding the planet claiming that Donald Trump is poisoning our planet, she has also expressed her concern regarding Donald Trump putting their future in the hands of those who deny there is any kind of climate change, Big Oil and corporations.

With Hurricane Dorian hurtling towards Florida, Harris has warned all residents in a tweet on Thursday to be prepared for when the storm hits and stating that officials have said to have at least 7 days worth of supplies such as food, water and medicines as well as giving residents in the path of the hurricane advice on how to stay safe.

She has also tweeted criticizing Donald Trump on how he has handled the climate change crisis claiming he is taking them backwards rather than taking urgent action to save the planet.

“At a time when we need urgent action to address the climate crisis, Trump is taking us backwards,” Harris said. “Unlike this president, I’m on the side of protecting our planet for future generations—and will continue to do so in the White House.”

The above quote is a tweet that was made in reaction to a tweet made by New York Times on Twitter which announced that the Trump administration will sharply curtail regulations on methane emissions which they say is a major contributor to climate change.


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