Kamala Harris slammed for handing out cookies that looked like her

This is more proof that Kamala Harris might be one of the worst vice presidents in American history.

Apparently the cookies were a gift to her from a bakery, so she handed them out because there was a lot of them. But still, social media didn't care and they dropped some hilarious hammers on the VP because of it.

Kamala Harris was being protested in Guatemala when she arrived, with people holding up signs saying "Kamala Go Home" and asking her to mind her business and get outta town.

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Then Kamala Harris had the nerve to hand out cookies that literally looked like her. Not even kidding, this is some self-centered nonsense for someone who is literally SO BAD at her job.

Turns out the Internet had something to say about this and it wasn't pretty, just like the cookies...

Is Kamala Harris Bad at her job?

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