#KamalaHarrisDestroyed trends on Twitterverse, sudden popularity blamed on Russian bots

The Democratic Presidential debate takes an ugly turn with the hashtag #KamalaHarrisDestroyed trending on Twitter. The hashtag serves to summarize Kamala Harris’ “destruction” at the hands of fellow candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

The #DemDebate that took place this Wednesday ruined Harris’ press darling image as the Hawaiian Congresswoman questioned Harris' history as California’s attorney general. One of the intense attacks stems from Harris’ admittance of smoking marijuana in her college days on a radio show. This was used to point out how Harris convicted more than 1500 nonviolent marijuana smokers jailed for that.

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Perhaps, one of the most shocking exposes was Kamala Harris’ tough on crime stance led to her blocking an innocent man’s chance to escape death row. The last bit that led to Harris’ speechlessness was when Gabbard talked about her keeping some of the prisoners beyond their sentences for what was termed cheap labor.

This heated part of the debate led to the creation of the hashtag that still is trending on the Twitterverse.

There were spectators who questioned Twitter’s algorithms with how this hashtag trended. This has led some to the conclusion that it was because of Russian bots. There are those believe that Tulsi Gabbard is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s democratic representative. That the reason why this was trending so fast was not because of the many Twitter users debating heatedly on the topic but because of Russian bots.

This conclusion was supported by Harris’ press secretary, Ian Samms, who accused Gabbard’s supporters as "Russian Propaganda Machine." That instead of Harris, the most searched term on Google was actually Gabbard.

The default reasoning of Gabbard and Russia is not surprising.

At the moment, Gabbard continues to be a long-shot candidate and she is polling at about one percent.

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