Teen used brass knuckles to suckerpunch a 12-year-old, gets sentenced

UPDATE: Central Arkansas Now reported that Millsaps was found guilty and sentenced to nine years. For clarity, this is the only source we were able to find this information on. If there's any updates, please notify us.


A 16-year-old named Kane Millsaps of Conway, Arkansas, used brass knuckles to play a "knockout game" and hit a 12-year-old boy from behind, knocking the boy out, damaging his face, and breaking his teeth in an unprovoked attack.

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Millsaps defense team tried to state that the boy has a history of mental illness, but the State Hospital that Millsaps is deemed mentally fit to stand trial for his felony battery case.

Bad news for the suspect, but great news for the victim and family who seek justice. The 16-year-old faces 20-years in prison if found guilty and given the maximum sentence. The mother is concerned about her boy being 16-years-old, then coming out of prison at 36 and wondering what he's going to do with his life. I wonder what SHE'S been doing his entire life? Where's his father? What type of person attacks someone from behind like this and does it with a weapon.

His trial is in early May.

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Millsaps is charged charged as an adult with Felony First-Degree Battery and Misdemeanor Possession of an Instrument of Crime. These charges came after authorities were told of a YouTube video showing Millsaps hitting an unsuspecting 12-year-old boy while wearing brass knuckles.
In its report, the State Hospital stated Millsaps did not suffer from a mental disease and that he understood the criminality of the actions he is accused of.

Millsaps told doctors he recently earned his GED and that he attended an alternative school before being arrested, noting he was arrested for the first time at 12 years old.

The State Hospital said Millsaps did not have a mental defect but did have a conduct disorder as well as an unspecified alcohol and cannabis use disorder. The hospital also noted he had an intermittent explosive disorder, which is connected with explosive outbursts of anger and violence.

“When asked why he seems to be in so much trouble, he reported, ‘I got real bad anger problems. I black out.’ He said he has a ‘real bad pride thing, think I got to prove myself,’” the report states.

Looks like he'll have plenty of chances to prove himself in prison. He's young and he can be changed, but he should serve a small sentence in prison so he learns how good he had it on the outside and doesn't ever do something that terrible again.

I wouldn't push for the maximum sentence because 20 years for a punch that the victim recovers from is not a fair sentence. When you have rapists like Brock Turner getting 6 months in jail for RAPE, then you can't have this boy getting 20 years for a punch. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

I don't believe he should get NO time, but the maximum for that felony is too much for the crime he committed. However, the fact that he used brass knuckles makes it worse because it shows clear intent to harm someone even more than a normal punch.

Give him a few years, rehabilitate the boy, and let's see if he turns it around. You can't give up on the kid, but he does require a punishment for his sick crime. I don't want him set free, but I don't think the maximum of 20 is fair.

If he messes up in prison, then keep adding the years on the sentence.

I would also charge the parents with neglect if it's found that they're terrible parents and do nothing for their child.

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