Kathy Griffin suggests nasty attack on Trump that 'Would Do The Trick'

Former Squatty Potty lady, Kathy Griffin, has launched a really nasty attack on President Donald Trump, stating a way that would take him out.

Her attack came as a retweet/comment to something CNN's Jim Acosta wrote. Acosta was simply reporting on something that Trump said at a White House diabetes event. Acosta wrote, and this is all he wrote - nothing attacking the president, just quoting him directly: "Trump at diabetes event at WH: "I don't use insulin. Should I be?""

That was all it took for Kathy Griffin to retweet it with her vile attack, saying: "Syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick. F*CK TRUMP."

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I've used a screenshot to show her post in the event that it was taken down by her or Twitter.

But wait! There's more!

Kathy Griffin saw that the Washington Examiner posted an article about her vile attack on President Trump and she doubled down on it.

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Is Kathy Griffin OK?

Does she need help?

There is something "off" about her.

It's one thing to post jokes or insults about someone you dislike on social media, but she took it to another level that many might say is taking it way too far.

If she wants to say "orange man bad" then fine, but this thing about the air syringe is just really inappropriate to say.

Did anyone report her comments? Well, it looks like the Washington Examiner did.

They wrote this at the bottom of their story:

"The Washington Examiner reached out to Secret Service about Griffin's tweets.

The Washington Examiner also asked Twitter if she breached the platform's violent threats policy. A representative said the company will "look into" the tweets."

And my reaction is just like....

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