Kathy Griffin tells Trump: 'Just shut the f-ck up and prepare for prison'

Wrinkly faced failed comedian Kathy Griffin and her Trump Derangement Syndrome strike again! The aging unfunny psychopath retweeted President Trump and told him to 'just shut the fuck up and prepare for prison.' That means a lot coming from the girl who couldn't hold a job representing the Squatty Potty, an item that helps people shit better. Kathy Griffin went from being a smooth faced New Year's Eve personality to a deranged wrinkled up haggard woman who spends way too much time hating the president. Seriously folks, these are really big serious words from the woman who thinks she's funny, but probably knows she's not. And we all know Trump isn't going to prison. Has a president ever gone to jail? Exactly.

Is there any reason to support someone like Kathy Griffin? Not really. Her anger towards Trump shows in her face. Look how many wrinkles she has now. It's insane. That's not from aging, that's from being stressed out and mentally losing it over who the president is. Trump owns Kathy Griffin. He lives in her head. Almost every day Griffin is tweeting about this guy. I'm starting to think Kathy Griffin wants to have sex with Trump.


It's one thing to dislike or disagree with the president and his politics, but her negative energy is just bad news for everyone who follows her on Twitter. I fully support anyone who likes or dislikes the president. That is our choice as Americans, but Kathy Griffin is the darn poster child for a psychopath suffering from a major case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

No wonder her latest special wasn't picked up by any of the streaming services.

Her personality just isn't funny or entertaining. It's sad and people feel bad for her mental state.

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