Kaya Jones noticed Dems staying silent: 'Not one of them is singing' the National Anthem

Kaya Jones posted a very short 5 second clip showing Democratic candidates for the 2020 election during the National Anthem. She stated in a voice over that "not one of them is singing the song, FYI I hope you all are getting" this.

Jones' video cuts off mid-sentence and shows a handful of the Democratic candidates with their lips closed and facial expressions rather still. It's unclear what comes after the five second mark of her video and if it panned to a Democrat candidate who was actually participating in singing the National Anthem.

The response to the video she posted included comments from both sides of politics. Some people called out Democrats for being un-patriotic while others claimed that Trump didn't know the words to the National Anthem.

At some point in the replies, Kaya Jones stated that Bernie Sanders did sing the National Anthem.

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