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Keaton Jones Parents Failed Big Time by Raising a Little Cream Puff

The story of the alleged bullying victim, Keaton Jones, has swept the Internet with his viral video getting millions of views and shares on social media. His sappy, crying, wussified video filmed in a car, by his turd of a mother, shows him red-eyed and yapping about bullies he supposedly encounters. If he's crying about people making fun of him at school, then that's not the biggest problem the kid has in his life and it's also a clue that his parents have absolutely failed him.

Lots of kids at school face other children who are mean, rude, arrogant or acting like bullies. There's a huge solution for that and it's called not being a p-ssy. The solution is for parents to raise kids who are strong, resilient, and able to defend themselves when the time calls for action. Parents need to teach their kids to fight back with words, with hands, and with whatever they need to do in order to protect themselves at all costs. 

I don't know if Keaton was really bullied or if he's the bully. I don't care either. I see a mother taking advantage of her son's situation instead of fixing it.


Here's the video in question:

When a child comes home from school and they're crying about bullying, then the first thing parents need to do is enroll that child in a self-defense class. The classes will teach the children confidence, strength, and self-defense and when it's appropriate to use it. Allowing children to learn how to defend themselves also builds their strength, resilience, and ability to know when and how to protect themselves when a bully attempts act inappropriately.

When a child comes home crying, then parents need to be vigilant and teach their children to be bigger, stronger, and smarter. The true solution is to have children know how to stick up for themselves at an early age, allowing them to enter school with confidence and power that allows them to be amazing kids who won't have to come home crying like Keaton Jones.


His mother should be embarrassed that she let her kid down. She should be horrible that she raised a kid who was soft and unable to handle himself in rough situations. When I saw the video of Keaton Jones crying on the Internet, then I was embarrassed for him and could not believe his mother did that to him.

The story unfolds even further as celebrities and politicians invite Keaton to things, express their support on social media, and he's become a star and possibly an advocate for anti-bullying movements. However, the best anti-bullying movement you could possibly learn is a quick punch to someone's face and how to knock their teeth down their throat. An even better way to defeat opponents is with strong words that make opponents sweat droplets of stupidity. The combination of intelligence and strength is a mighty force that no one can truly defeat.

Later tidbits on the Internet claim that the Jones family is racist and the boy Keaton was being bullied for calling black people "n-ggers' - but that has been unable to be proven one way or another.

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The GoFundMe has raised thousands and might be put on hold as it is reportedly created by people who are not in the family.

The racist claims have caused the mother to face backlash, but the family claims she is not racist. There's also claims that people are impersonating the mother and posting racist things, causing the backlash towards the family.

Some folks think the whole thing is a scam to gain free things, but there are people who dispute that as well.

The bottom line is this - I don't care what the story is, but the only weapon there is against bullying is to beat them at their own game with words or strength.

Does this advocate for violence and beating kids? Sure! If the bully picks on a child and hurts them, then wouldn't parents feel a sense of relief knowing their child can defend themselves? If the bully gets hurt in the process of a child protecting themselves, then are we supposed to feel bad about it?

Parents have a job that requires them to teach children to not be a bully and to stand up for themselves when a bully confronts them.

Crying on the Internet is not the answer. Being better parents who teach their kids self-defense and how to be good kids is the better way to resolve these problems.

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