Kelly Osbourne Furious With Starbucks After Toilet Incident

Kelly Osbourne, 32 year old daughter to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne has taken to Twitter, using the unfortunate hashtag #PissedMyOwnPants after she was refused access to their toilet.

This resulted in Kelly Osbourne having a very embarrassing accident in which she ended up wetting herself in public.

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After the incident Kelly Osbourne decided to take to Twitter to have a good rant at the said store where the incident happened, telling them they should be ashamed of themselves and that she had pissed her pants because their employees refused to let her use the bathroom. She also added on that she had piss in her shoe.

Kelly Osbourne also posted a picture to Twitter of the Starbucks store in question which is at the junction of West 27th Street and Sixth Avenue in New York.

Starbucks are still yet to publicly respond to Kelly Osbourne after her outburst, whether they will or not is a different story.

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Kelly Osbourne has hit out at US coffee shop chain Starbucks after staff refused to let her use their toilet - resulting in public humiliation for the star.

The 32-year-old daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne raged at the company on Twitter using the unfortunate hashtag #PissedMyOwnPants.

"SHAME on U," she tweeted directly at the corporation.

"#PissedMyOwnPants in this location because UR shameful employees refused to let me use the [toilet] I have piss in my shoe."

Kelly Osbourne's followers were divided on how she handled the situation by calling the firm out on Twitter with some feeling sorry for Kelly not being able to use the bathroom and being humiliated in public to some not having any sympathy at all.

One fan came forward and said that access to bathroom's is a human right with another saying to Kelly that it sounds like Starbucks owed her a new pair of pants and shoes.

Others were not so quick to feel sorry for Kelly Osbourne though, with some saying that maybe she should have gone to the toilet before she left the house and another saying maybe she should have bought something from the cafe first so she could use the bathroom.

A couple of New Yorkers also came forward and told Kelly Osbourne that the particular branch in question may have been too small to have it's own toilet facilities. If that were the case, was Kelly Osbourne told this or did they just refuse her access?

Whichever way you look at this, Kelly Osbourne was still humiliated in public, the question is why and could it have been avoided?

Could Kelly Osbourne have used another bathroom closer to where she was? If so, why did she choose not to and instead choose to stand and wet herself after being refused access to the bathroom at Starbucks.

This is a fully grown woman who should know better than to stand and wet herself, did she do it on purpose to give herself a reason to have a dig at Starkbucks or does she really have a weak bladder?

What reason would she have to want to start with Starbucks and this particular branch?

It does make you wonder what was going through her head at the time of the incident.

I don't think I could allow myself to urinate in public, if I were unable to hold it any longer and it happened accidentally then fair enough, that is something you can not control but to stand and freely allow yourself is beyond disgusting.

If you were in Kelly Osbourne's shoes and you were refused access to a bathroom would you be able to stand and allow yourself to urinate all over in public?

This is not the first time Kelly Osbourne has publicly overshared on social media this week. 

She also posted up about getting stuck in her dress, taking a photo of herself with her dress slightly pulled down, showing her underwear off she tweeted that she had been stuck in the bathroom for 20 minutes trying to remove the dress.

Could this be a cry for attention? It seems odd that she would take to Twitter twice in one week with stories looking for attention.

What is up with that horrible hair? It looks like a fidget spinner got stuck in a birds nest and she put it on her head.

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