Kellyanne's hubby George Conway lashes out at Melania after she defends her son

Melania Trump defended her son Barron, 13, after Pamela Karlan joked about his name during the impeachment hearings. Her joke was bad and the response was even worse, with people calling her out left and right for being lame and bringing a minor child into politics.

She later apologized, despite it coming off as even more lame than her initial joke, but Melania Trump was still there defending her child and calling Karlan out for it.

Low and behold, America's least popular political husband lashed out at Melania. It was the one and only George Conway, Kellyanne's husband - who I can't believe she still hasn't divorced yet.

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Melania said "A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering, and using a child to do it."

George said this, "So therefore you’re amplifying what was a nothingburger reference a hundred-thousand-fold. Got it."

Then a massive blast of commentary broke out as a result.

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Sure enough, a lot of people were calling out George Conway, myself included. Look folks, we make fun of Greta all the time, but that's because she's in our face yelling things like "HOW DARE YOU" when we're just trying to get to work on time and burning a few fossil fuels. We crack jokes on Hunter Biden (no pun intended, yes... yes it was) about him having a baby with a dancer and his Grandpa Joe.

But what exactly does Barron Trump do? Nothing. He's 13 and minds his own business better than most adults do. So what was the point for Karlan to invoke his name other than to cause a bit of chaos on the Internet?

Regardless, here's what people are shouting out at George Conway - and let's be honest folks, I hope Kellyanne reads this and drops him like a bad habit.

One of the worst replies was from Jennifer Rubin, who said, "Bravo. And from the people who tore babies from the arms of mothers..." Do I even need to remind her what Democrats support? You know, the whole ripping babies out of wombs kinda thing.... yeah, Jennifer, let's not go there.

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