University of Kentucky student caught crawling through air duct to steal exam

Two students of University of Kentucky were so desperate to pass an exam that they broke in to the professors office in the midnight to steal the papers. They were busted when the professor came back to work after grabbing a midnight snack.

Prof. John Cain, who is a lecturer of Statistics, was working late and went out to grab a quick snack. As he came back to the building, he found his door was blocked from inside. He sensed the presence of intruders in his office, he warned the intruders that he'd call the police. The intruders opened the door and ran away.


As it turns out the intruders were 21-year-old students Harry Lynch II, from bio-system engineering, and Troy Kiputh from agricultural economics. They broke in the office with a very obvious plot of stealing the papers of the exam. Lynch crawled through the air ducts and landed in Cain's office. Then he let his accomplice in. Which resulted in an unsuccessful attempt when there is knock on the door by the owner of the office, Prof. Cain himself.

Lynch and Kiputh were desperate to steal the paper but the professor stopped their plan by deciding to work late that night. This was a total coincidence! 

Lynch realized that Prof. Cain would recognize him eventually, so he returned to the office and confessed. He also accepted that he made the same effort the day before at 6 pm but couldn't find the papers. He also revealed that he has done the same duct-stunt before and he successfully stole the paper then but didn't shared it with anyone.


Two college students plotted to steal a copy of the final exam for a statistics class by crawling through the air duct late at night, lowering himself from the ceiling and grabbing the test.

According to the New York Times, a small coincidence derailed the entire plan.

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University of Kentucky instructor John Cain was working late on Tuesday night. He left for a meal at midnight and returned around 2 a.m. to finish work and coincidentally foil the plan, according to spokesperson Jay Blanton.

During the early hours of Wednesday morning, one of the hopeful test thieves, Henry Lynch II, crawled 10 feet through an air duct and lowered himself eight feet down to the floor of Cain's office using file cabinets and furniture as footholds. It's not clear how he got inside the air duct.

This seems like it was almost inspired by the scene from a Mission Impossible where the Tom Cruise attempted the same stunt, lowering himself from the roof. He broke in & got whatever he wanted.
But who are we kidding?  He is tom cruise. He is the best, he can do any Mission that seems Impossible.

Too bad there is only one Tom Cruise and he's not one of the students. Maybe they would've been successful if they hired a real spy.

Lynch revealed to have pulled this off once before and hoped to get it through this time too. They could have gotten away this time if Prof. Cain wasn't working late that night.  People are still trying to figure out how the students gained access to the air ducts.

These students may be referred to the local court for third degree burglary. No significant action has been taken against the students as of Thursday. They are being investigated by the office of student conduct.

University of Kentucky is taking this issues in a serious way to avoid any future incidents. It is impressive to conduct such a movie-like stunt on his own, but this incident should be used to remind students that this is a criminal offense. 

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