Kevin Hart called culturally insensitive after having 'Cowboys and Indians' birthday party for his son


Comedian actor Kevin Hart and his beautiful wife Eniko Parrish had a fun time celebrating their son's birthday, but some people tried to rain on their parade by calling their party theme of 'cowboys and indians' culturally insensitive and slammed Hart for culture appropriation.

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His wife was sharing pictures of the friends and family at the party on Instagram and that's all it took for a social justice warrior to find offense in the theme. It wasn't long until people who identify as activists and feminists were criticizing the family for hosting the 'cowboys and indians' theme party for their one-year-old son, Kenzo.

Here's a group picture of the party from Eniko Parrish's Instagram account, where she thanks people for celebrating with them. It's a great picture and they used a lot of teepee and poncho style gear to make the party authentic.

The picture is followed by a screenshot of someone who calls herself 'Mari Posa' and says she is: "Indigenous feminist, parent, poet/writer/organizer, shit disturber, two-spirit, protector n anti-colonial."


Everyone is offended by everything now.

What happened to society?