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KFC is testing vegan meatless fried chicken using Beyond Meat

KFC, a known fast food that primarily serves fried chicken, just announced that they are going with the meatless trend in a recent press release. They've announced that they are partnering with Beyond Meat to answer the hypothesis if people truly want to eat fake fried chicken.

They are conducting this test of what is described as fried "chicken-like" nuggets using a Beyond Meat product. The limited test will take place in an Atlanta KFC branch. They've called the experimental product as the "Beyond Fried Chicken" which will be available as both plant-based nuggets and "boneless wings" that plans to emulate their chicken products. These items will be sold with prices ranging from $1.99 to $12.

This is to attend to the growing demands of plant-based products as an alternative for meat. Products like Buger King's Impossible Whopper got a failing grade after being found to be cooked on the same grills as meat burgers. This was unacceptable for many strict vegans and vegetarians. Though this is meant to be a plant-based product, this is aimed for the flexitarian market instead of being an item that strict vegans can actually avail.

Chicken enthusiasts don't need to feel threatened at all. This is only a test and is limited and exclusive to one store at the moment.

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