Kieran Hayler records footage of intoxicated Katie Price

Katie Price has been in the news numerous times for several different reasons from the birth of her children, to criticism on how she brings her children up and even for the online abuse her eldest son Harvey receives.

It seems she never knows when to stop getting herself that little bit of spotlight in the news as she hits it again with her husband filming her drunk after drinking skittle vodka.


It would appear that her husband secretly filmed Katie Price as she sat and drank the vodka she had made to show people how she really is and at one point making a reference to Jordan as he is heard saying "Jordan's coming back, isn't she?"

Eventually her son Junior takes the bottle of alcohol away from her and calls her embarrassing.

Kieran Hayler has thrown more shade at Katie Price by publicly sharing a video of his 'drunk wife.'


Mum-of-five Katie can be seen drinking 'Skittle vodka' in the Instagram story which Kieran shared last night - after the family appeared at a charity football match.

It appears Kieran was covertly filming the video as Katie can be heard saying: "What are you filming? Why do you keep embarrassing me?"

Her husband replied: "Sometimes you deserve it."

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 We all know that sometimes parenting can be stressful and we all enjoy a drink and to let her hair down once in a while however it would seem that in this case Katie Price took it a little too far, so much so her son intervened and removed the bottle of alcohol from her.

Her husband had his reasons for filming her, one seeming to be the fact that he could see the difference in her which made him make a reference to Jordan coming back.

Was her husband right to film her though without her knowledge? If it was just a quiet drink between family and friends was she really doing any harm? Did she 'deserve it' as her husband put it?

She didn't seem to be doing anything to harm her kids or anyone else and merely looked as though she was just letting her hair down and her husband made it look worse than it was.

Lavishing attention on her eldest son, the 38-year-old Loose Women star was the definition of a loving mother as she lavished attention on her eldest son during their trip to the Bescot Stadium, in Walsall.

Delighted with the results, Harvey who wore a pair of blue ear defenders was given a huge kiss and cuddle by his mother.

Katie and Harvey were also accompanied by an excited Junior, whom Katie shares with her first husband Peter Andre, who was clad in one of his favourite football kits.

Rocking her own unique style as always, the prospect of getting grass or mud on her outfit didn't seem to bother Katie - and she wore an all-white ensemble.

Like any other Mother, Katie Price was merely spending time with her children and celebrating after a good result at a charity football match they had been to.

Being a parent myself I know how difficult it can be and how stressful and when you have times like this where something good happens and you celebrate you can in some cases take it over the top and drink a little too much.

It would seem in this instance that would be the case with Katie,she had got a little over excited after the football match and had gone a little too far with the drinking which is probably not a usual thing for her and was a one off.

I personally believe her husband was a little out of order to record her for all to see, if it was a regular occurrence, I could understand but this sounds like a one off and not something that she would always do around her kids.

The fact her husband, Kieran recorded her son taking the alcohol bottle from her may have made the situation look worse but as a parent myself I look at this and see a Mother embarrassing her son and him reacting as any child would and I mean come on, what parent doesn't embarrass their child? I know I have done a few times and I hadn't been drinking.

It would seem this was taken a little too far out of context and branded worse than it actually was. Makes you wonder why her husband chose to film and share it and what was in it for him.

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