Kim Jong-Un has a Little Nuke Button and I Dare Him to Push it

Notoriously level-headed and very sane dictator, Kim Jong-Un, addressed his nation via state-run media claiming that he now has a button on his desk to quickly initiate nuclear strikes.  During his statement, Kim also mentioned that his nuclear development program had reached its final phase in which it can send nuclear warheads anywhere it wants, no matter how far the distance.

Kim noted that the entire U.S. mainland was now within reach of his nuclear warheads but pointed out that this so-called fact is excellent since the United States no longer has the leverage over North Korea it previously had.  Kim also went on to say that he endeavors to speed up his nation's creation of more nuclear warheads on a mass scale so that they will be ready to launch an operational attack whenever they deem necessary.  He made it a point to mention that he only intends to use the newfound capabilities only if his national security is threatened. Remember, these are not proven facts. These are words from an almost undisputed psychotic dictator.  Take his words for what they are worth.

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Kim is confirmed to possess nuclear weapons and medium-range ballistic missiles, but it is still unclear if their long-range missiles possess enough technology to pull of a complex set of requisites to pull off a long-range missile strike.  There is not much doubt in the military community that North Korea will eventually achieve these prerequisites needed to carry out long-range attacks, though.

South Korean television stations stopped broadcasting midway through Kim's speech.

The last highlight of Kim's speech was that his tiny nation is also seeking to talk to the Olympic committee regarding sending their athletes to participate in the next Winter Olympic Games to take place in South Korea.

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There is some interpretation that perhaps Kim may be content with his nuclear capabilities and seeks to use them as a deterrent rather than an offensive tool.  The reasoning behind this analysis is because, in his speech where he mentions his country is where they want to be as far as nuclear capabilities go, he also inquired about the Olympics as if he wants his country to be more included in the rest of the world.  Of course, people like me also think he is just looking for an easy way to get more operatives and spies into South Korea riding along with the Olympic team contingent.  

Pardon me for not believing this guy is magically sane.

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