Kim Kardashian Posts Selfie Nearly Showing Vag And It's Oddly A Perfume Ad

Kim Kardashian West posted a nude photo that almost shows her stankapotamus vagina that Kanye West "berrys" his rapstick in to make little oddly named children. Instagram followers were treated with a Humpty-dumpty shaped picture that people thought was a scratch and sniff sticker, but we're not at that level of smartphone yet. And that's a good thing because this might have smelled like the cat house at the local zoo. Kim's picture turned out to be a post that was promoting her new perfume. If it smells like belly button lint and washed up old Ray J sex tape, then I guess she made a hard sell and easy purchase to her loyal fans.

I probably won't buy it, but more power to her for being able to post an almost vag picture and still find a way to sell things without being boycotted by David Hogg.

Her Instagram post said: "kkwfragrance#KKWBODY, KKW FRAGRANCE’S NEWEST PERFUME, IS COMING SOON ON 04.30"

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