LA County opens SNITCH Line to report businesses and Twitter erupts

If you live in Los Angeles County, you can now be the biggest Karen of them all and report any business you see in non-compliance during restrictions set by state orders. This includes non-essential businesses opening when they're not supposed to, or maybe even businesses where people aren't wearing masks.

Whatever it means to you, you can now be a snitch and call it in.

This news was posted on Twitter by the Los Angeles County page itself.

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They wrote, "We know that businesses are working hard to adhere to the #SaferAtHome orders, but if you need to report a business for non-compliance, please call 888-700-9995 Monday-Friday (8 am- 5 pm)."

It's funny that they're not working after 5pm or on weekends. If they were so essential, they'd be working 24 hour shifts 8 days a week keeping the lines open for all the Karens out there who can't mind their own business.

And you know what happened as soon as they posted their snitch line info, right? They were faced with quite a ratio as you can see in the screenshot.

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Here's a few gems from the online revolt of people who are getting sick and tired of the government imposing executive orders on people when some of the orders don't even make sense.

A hundred people can stand in line at Walmart breathing on each other's necks, but we can't sit on the beach in some states, by ourselves, with distance around us? Or, we can't stand in line and vote, but we can stand in line at the store? What's even the difference.

Anyway, check out the replies that the Los Angeles County Twitter page received.

You get the idea...

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