LAPD Union demands NBA investigation on LeBron James after 'Dangerous' tweet

LeBron James, the NBA all-star known for constantly switching teams and flopping and whining on the court like hockey's Sidney Crosby, is now facing a potential investigation, by the NBA, after the LAPD union called for one against the baller.

This is just another reason that sports-ballers need to keep their politics out of their profession and off their social media. It's nothing but divisive when a big voice like LeBron James throws up an anti-cop message despite the cop appearing to have made the right decision in a tragic and terrible situation.

Then again, what exactly is the NBA going to do to LeBron James? Fine him? Who cares, he's rich. Suspend him? So what, he's got an injury anyway. There's almost nothing the NBA can really do that would have a huge impact on him at this point in his career, which is almost over.

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It's a shame what happened, but the athletes need to be held accountable for their divisive actions.

KUTV had the scoop on the LAPD union asking for the investigation:

The union that represents officers of the Los Angeles Police Department has penned a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, calling for an investigation into a tweet made by the league's biggest star, LeBron James.

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In part, the April 27 letter stated:

We formally ask that you conduct an investigation into Mr. James' social media post to determine if he violated any policies of the National Basketball Association, and if so, to hold Mr. James accountable for any violations of those policies."

In the now-deleted tweet, James posted a photo of Columbus, Ohio police officer Nicholas Reardon saying: "YOU'RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY." An hourglass emoji was also posted in the tweet.

Reardon shot and killed 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant on April 20. Body camera video shows Reardon fire his gun as Bryant lunged at someone with a knife outside her Columbus foster home.

How inappropriate was it for LeBron James to prematurely tweet "You're Next" about a cop?

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