Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million to get Trump Impeached

Larry Flynt wants President Donald Trump impeached and he's offering up to $10 million reward for anyone who has "dirt" leading to the impeachment. It sure sounds like someone has a grudge against Trump, but grudge might be an understatement. Flynt, the founder of Hustler Magazine, plans to run a full page ad in the Washington Post offering his reward and other information such as his reasons for wanting impeachment.

The first paragraph of Flynt's ad mentions the election of 2016 being illegitimate and from that point on I couldn't take it serious. The second paragraph trashes the electoral vote, which protects the country from having a small amount of large states have most of the power in regards to elections. If New York and California determined the outcome of an election every time, then America would've either had World War VII by now or we'd all be transgender. I'd bank on the latter. The electoral college provides a level playing field so the voices of the smaller states matter. America would be like one big California and we would all really, really, dislike that. Hillary barely won the popular vote and most of her votes came from concentrated areas filled with hardcore liberals who don't have a mind open enough to compare tax plans or look at the disruption caused by Trump. 

Leftists are all about disruption and resistance, which is what Trump is actually doing, therefore Trump should've had about 120 million votes and Hillary should've had about 5 total. Let's not forget that Trump won a few states that were previously Democrat, so the realm of politics is finally shifting to the party that makes more sense and can figure out what gender they are.

Flynt suggests that Trump supports the KKK which is an absolute lie. Trump has disavowed the KKK, white supremacists, and David Duke numerous times. How many times does a guy have to say it for people to finally hear it? No one supports those people except for themselves. In fact, most people thought the KKK was gone years ago. It wasn't until Democrats began calling everyone racist and committing hoax hate crimes that the KKK was ever mentioned again. Think about it - when and where have you ever heard of the KKK doing anything? Do they even exist anymore? I thought that went out of style many, many years ago. Democrats resurrected the KKK so they can create a fake sense of racism in our country.

Flynt mentions "telling hundreds of bald-faced lies" which is no shock. Every politician lies or says things that they later realize they can't back up. We could keep our doctor with Obama and we can build a wall with Trump. See the similarity? Maybe one might actually happen, but highly doubtful there's ever a true wall build on the border. I prefer a moat anyway.

Flynt suggests Trump appointed unqualified people to office. Well America almost voted in an unqualified woman for President. The White House, and politics in general, are always hiring someone incompetent, but this is nothing new. This has been going on since the first jobs were ever created. This happens in almost every normal job field. Flynt has hired lousy people before. He knows what it's like.

Flynt talking about the Paris accords and climate is like listening to a 100-year-old caveman try to explain how social media works and you realize right away he has no clue what he's talking about.

If I was Trump, then I would impeach myself and take Larry's money, then go back to work.

Larry Flynt should stick to what he knows best and keep his girls away from Harvey Weinstein.

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