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Lawmaker called to resign after being duped into yelling N-word, chasing Baron Cohen with naked butt

A not-too-bright Georgia state lawmaker got duped into screaming the N-word and exposing himself in a guise perpetrated by left-wing comedian Sacha Baron Cohen to combat Islamic terrorism.
In a segment aired Sunday on Cohen’s show, “Who Is America?,” the comedian plays Israeli military expert Erran Morad and has Republican state Rep. Jason Spencer on to help film an “anti-terrorism video.”
Spencer is asked by Cohen, who is disguised as Israeli terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad, to do a series of ridiculous, embarrassing and often racist stunts to ward off a terrorist attack. He does as asked, and in process, crosses all boundaries of expected behavior.
The most egregious of the stunts was the scream the N-word repeatedly, while the most embarrassing was to use his bare buttocks to keep a terrorist at bay.

The bizarre stunt resulted in calls for the lawmaker to resign, which he should. Not for being a racist, as the left claims, but because of his bone-jarring stupidity.
A person with judgement this poor should not be anywhere near the lawmaking process, and being a lawmaker is a pretty low bar these days.
Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, a Republican, described Spencer’s actions as “reprehensible,” and called on him to step down “immediately.”
“Representative Spencer has disgraced himself and should resign immediately,” said Ralston, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Georgia is better than this.”
The state’s Republican governor, Nathan Deal said he was “saddened and disgusted” by Spencer’s behavior.
Lieutenant Governor Cagle condemned Spencer on Twitter: “Jason Spencer is a disgrace to Georgia and should resign his elected office immediately. While I’m glad he never supported our campaign and actually actively opposed us, I think it speaks to the judgment of our voters that he was overwhelmingly defeated earlier this year.”

Jason Spencer is a disgrace to Georgia and should resign his elected office immediately. While I’m glad he never supported our campaign... read more


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