Laws didn't stop man with lengthy criminal history from shooting 6 Philly cops

Maurice Hill,36, is accused of shooting six policemen in a recent standoff in Philadelphia. And like the police archives show, he has been long-known to the justice system for his various crimes, but none of the laws prevented him from carrying out his latest crime that terrorized North Philly for hours.

Maurice Hill was known to the police for drug selling, illegal arms possession, escaping, resisting arrest, kidnapping, driving without a license, various violations of his parole and aggravated assault.

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Hill's problems with the law started in 2001 when he was caught possessing a gun with an altered serial number. Hill was only 18 at that time. Since then, he was in and out of prison numerous times, and the longest sentence that he received was in 2010. A federal judge gave him 55 months in prison back then.

Hill numerously violated his probation agreements. Also, what he did in May 2014, police tried to stop him because he was driving an unregistered scooter and he raced it down on a one-way alley against traffic and later onto a sidewalk.

The recent standoff, where six police officers were shot, started when the police tried to serve narcotics warrant at a home in Nicetown-Tioga, a neighborhood of Philadelphia. The officers were quickly met with fire from Hill who reportedly had an AK style weapon.

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Heather Logan, one of the witnesses said that the shooting was so intense that she was "ducking behind cars." She also described the shooting as "Beirut" for its intensity. Finally, after numerous contact attempts from the police and calls that Hill made to his lawyer, he gave up. It was also Hill's lawyer, Shaka Johnson that convinced him to surrender after an 8-hours standoff.

After the shooting, President Trump tweeted that the shooter must receive "long sentence," and the justice must "get much tougher on street crime."

Democratic Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, called gun control. “Our officers need help, they need help with gun control,” he said at the press conference.

The point? If Hill wasn't following the current laws, then what makes people think he will follow new laws?

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