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Mom claims 2nd grade daughter was 'Slut Shamed' and files lawsuit against school district

A Philly mom has filed a lawsuit going after the Philadelphia School District that claims her daughter, a 7-year-old, was 'slut shamed,' abused, and bullied while in a district elementary school. The suit also claims administrators allegedly showed a noted 'indifference' towards the situation.

A report in the Philly Mag shows the lawsuit was filed last week in a Philadelphia federal court. It was filed by Nakita Sibert-Mosley and it suggests her daughter was bullied while attending the Robert E. Lamberton school in Overbrook. The suit states the incidents occurred while the child was in second grade during the 2017-2018 school year.

The Philly Mag article stated:

On September 22, 2017, the daughter arrived home from school with a bruise on her head. Later that month, claims the suit, she came home from Lamberton with injuries to her knees, face, and hands. Sibert-Mosley says that she contacted the school repeatedly that month about the injuries but got no answers, so she went to the school to meet with administrators in October.

At that meeting, according to the suit, administrators asked the girl for the names of anybody who was bullying her, she provided the names of multiple students, and administrators told the mom that the matter would be handled.


But according to Sibert-Mosley, the matter wasn’t handled. She claims in the suit that her daughter was afraid to go to school and that she continued to come home from Lamberton with injuries.

On October 10, 2017, Sibert-Mosley says she filed a formal Bullying and Harassment Reporting and Investigation Form with the school district, and she attached to it a journal that her daughter had been keeping. According to the lawsuit, “the journal described boys in school calling her a ‘bitch,’ saying that she was ugly, and slut-shaming her.”

It gets more interesting. The mother supposedly filed a bullying report, but the district apparently didn't respond to it. The mom decided to go to the district itself and see what's going on. The lawsuit claims she came up emptyhanded, got no answers to her questions, and here we are today. After Sibert-Mosley went to the district, one might have thought the situation with her daughter would improve.


It did not.

The lawsuit says that “As the District continued to take no action on the bullying complaint, [Sibert-Mosley’s daughter] continued to report that other students hit and kicked her, verbally harassed her in class, and targeted her for inappropriate sexual jokes and questions."

The mother also included information that details an incident where her daughter's hair was yanked out of her head, she was scratched on her face with scissors, and one child even told the girl "that she wished she were dead."

To make the situation even worse, one boy allegedly talked to the girl about r-pe.

The girl was just 7-years-old at the time, which makes this even more frighteningly disastrous.

It remains unclear how the School District of Philadelphia will handle the situation.

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