Lawyer Gives Up 6 Figure Salary to Teach at Poor School

Mouhssin Ismail proves that there is still a plethora of good left in this world and humanity.   Ismail was once a lawyer at a prestigious law firm receiving a salary well into six figures.  He gave all of that up to become a teacher.  Not just any teacher, but an amazing teacher with even more amazing results.

Ismail became the headmaster at an English prep school called the Newham Collegiate Sixth Form in East London.  With only 1 year of teaching under his belt, Ismail is already delivering solid results having sent 95 percent of his students to a variety of England's best colleges!

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190 out of the school's 200 pupils were accepted into colleges of their choosing.  Nine of these students were accepted or go offers from some of the world's most notorious schools such as Oxford, Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

While these statistics sounds quite impressive in and of themselves, but add the fact that Ismail's school is located in one of the country's poorest areas and the feats become even more astounding.

Ismail's former colleagues are earning more than three times what he is earning as a school teacher but doesn't matter in the slightest to him.  He loves his job and in making actual differences in people's lives.

“I think people are realizing that students and people from the area I came from were not really given the skills or the cultural capital that you need to succeed in city firms,” he told The Independent. 

“The children and their parents want them to do well academically and professionally but they don’t have the contacts or the know-how to get in there. 

What caused this hotshot lawyer to up and resign from his job to pursue a career in education of high school students?  Ismail explained that he felt he was lacking a sense of purpose.  At the ripe age of 38 he was finalizing a $64 million dollar corporate deal when it dawned on him.  He took a step back and thought to himself, "Am I really making a contribution to society?"

Ismail's students might be jittery about their futures at the esteemed universities they're headed to, but their new headmaster is not worried a bit and knows that their imminent life transitions will be a positive step for their lives.

He goes on to say that regardless how their journeys move forth, he is extremely proud of them and their achievements.

Mr Ismail went in to more detail about his work at the school and his new life calling.  He said that he believes people are understand more that kids from the area that he was from were not essentially given the proper skills or cultural capital that students typically need in order to succeed in city firms.

After his life altering epiphany, Ismail concluded that education would be the best vehicle to make the most impact on the world, thus propelling him to his current position and the realization of his intentions.

Ismail says his goal is to send as many students as possible to the Russel Group, Oxbridge and Ivy League colleges as possible.  He wants to overcome the stereotype that underprivileged children inherently have limited changes to succeed in life.  While this may generally be true, that did not deter Ismail in the slightest.  He said he has always known the locals' potential and the talent that lies therein and that it simply requires a different way of thinking and an 'outside-the-box' approach to affording these kids opportunity.

He noted that getting ahead in the corporate world requires more than just a fancy college degree.  It requires connections and experience.

“It’s not just about academics. Kids up and down the country from certain areas do exceptionally well. It’s about having that understanding of the corporate world, the networking and communication and being able to present yourself coherently,” said Mr. Ismail.

Ismail's students are given the opportunity to at prestigious law firms worldwide and even receive frequent tutorials from experts across a wide range of professions.

By helping his prep students learn about the corporate world before they are tossed into the lion's den he is giving them the skills to be able to succeed, rather than find out the hard way when they arrive fresh at their post-college careers.

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