Lawyer wants jurors who won't judge accused double-murderer by tattoos

Don't judge the book by its cover, they say. But what if a "cover" is a man's face all in tattoos like from some drug cartel and "the book" is the owner of a 29-year-old accused of double murder in a drug-related case? Well, that doesn't matter if the man is innocent, right?

William Bottoms Jr., from Greenwell Springs is charged with a second-degree murder that happened in June 2017. He is accused of killing two men, Dedrick Dewayne Williams, 23, and Mohamed Sead Hussain, 29.

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Bottoms' girlfriend, Megan Marie Gaylord will testify for the prosecution in this case. She said that that fatal night, she was driving a car with the three passengers: her boyfriend (a suspect) and the two victims. She also said that they all used drugs at that time. At some point Bottoms, who was sitting in front of the car, became paranoid. He shot two backseat passengers, Williams and Hussein. After the crime, she tried to help his boyfriend, and they went to his residence to cover the traces of the murder, by using bleach and some bed sheets.

William's lawyer is looking for jurors who won't "prematurely judge him," because of his tattoos. That's the first thing you see with him," said the lawyer Jarvis Antwine.

The majority of the jurors in Bottoms' case said that they won't pay attention to his tattoos and will judge him objectively. "It's a personal choice," one of the potential jurors said. Another woman, that was known to also have some tattoos (not so "hardcore" like Bottoms though) was not selected for the panel.

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If found guilty, Bottoms faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

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