LeBron James Calls Trump a Bum For His Tweet To Steph Curry

Trump said that the Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors was no longer invited to visit the White House as NBA champions traditionally do. This sparked a few salvos tossed at each other through the media and none other than LeBron James weighing in with a tweet to President Trump of his own.  James called Trump a bum and said that it would have been an honor to visit the White House until Trump showed up.

Well, hello there, Mr. James. Who in the holy heck made you chief of the Golden State Warriors?  Just because you are famous doesn't mean that you matter all the time.  James' ego seems to be about as big as Trump's.  The guy who flops and cries about air conditioning and only plays on super teams has the nerve to talk trash about the President? Give me a break on this one. Which mega-team is this non-clutch bum playing for next season?

This latest show of ungratefulness from professional sports players comes on the heels of President Trump stating that he thinks any NFL player who don't stand for the national anthem should be fired.

The Golden State Warriors point guard said that the team as a whole was weighing whether or not to make the White House trip or not.  He said that by not going they had a chance to inspire some change in their refusal to visit the home of the president.

Curry said that he doesn't believe in the things that Trump stands for and has said, and that if he were to visit the White House it would simply look bad.  On the other hand, by now going, he gets a chance to voice his stance.  He conceded that he realizes not attending the traditional post-win White House shin-dig that it is not going to magically change anything, but it will give him and his teammates a platform.

Even Kobe Bryant's ego got the best of him and caused him to add his two cents who, with a bunch of misspelled words, said that Trump's name alone creates division and anger and that his words inspire dissension and hatred.  Again, who the heck are you to get involved?  Don't you have things to worry about, like being old or something, Kobe?

Trump had also urged NFL fans to leave the stadium if they see players protesting the national anthem during the pregame.  One NFL player then posted the question: Does anyone tell Trump to stick to politics like they tell us to stick to sports?

Ungrateful, filthy rich sports stars will continue to mix their politics with their sports.  No doubt, I'll be right here calling them all out!

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