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Liberal Journalist: 'Hard to think of a bigger disappointment than Obama'

Former President Barack Obama slammed Bernie Sanders and suggested that he's not a Democrat. Then a liberal journalist spoke up and completely dismantled Obama as a massive disappointment.

The journalist's name is Walker Bragman and he shared a HuffPost article that talked about Obama shaming Bernie Sanders. That's when Bragman took action and posted the following, slamming Obama as a failure.

Bragman said:

Post 1: 

Hard to think of a bigger disappointment than Obama. He was elected by the largest grassroots movement in history on a promise of change, abandoned all that while in office, and cashed in after 8 years, leaving 40% of America struggling to afford basics.

Post 2:


Quick recap of Obama's time in office: - More wars - Bailout but no accountability for Wall Street - Surrendered public option w/ majorities in House & Senate - Increased deportations & put kids in cages - Prosecuted whistleblowers - PRISM - Expanded fossil fuel extraction

Post 3:

When you strip away the coolness, the hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce, the calm demeanor and eloquent speeches, you realize that Obama left us with a gig economy, stagnant wages, rising premiums, and a mountain of student debt. It was a massive failure in light of the promise.


And there you have it, exactly what many Americans have thought all along.

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