Liberal Samantha Bee slams CNN for treating Bernie Sanders so poorly

You know it's bad when even a far-left show host like Samantha Bee calls out CNN for the poor treatment of Bernie Sanders during the latest debate. She went full ham on her show Full Frontal and laid it all out there, showing that even the furthest of the left have taken notice to what CNN did.

Bee referred to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as "mom and dad" and slammed CNN while showing a montage of the debate, accusing CNN of "milking it." She said, "don’t worry, the talking heads are being super civilized about it and not milking it at all" as quoted by the Daily Beast.

“Jesus Christ! The only way they could be trying harder to get them to fight is if they personally oiled up these senior citizens and threw them into the Octagon,” Bee said. She was equally unimpressed by the media hype around Warren apparently rejecting a handshake from Sanders after the debate. 

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“That’s it? That’s what’s dominated our national discourse for 36 hours?” she asked. “Two great candidates who are a little sad and disappointed in each other over a misunderstanding?” Bee didn’t even fault Sanders for possibly suggesting that a female candidate couldn’t beat Trump. “I myself might have shouted it into a bottle of wine or 10,” she joked.

Bee want on to suggest things going on off the debate stage, regarding Donald Trump, were much worse than a little riff-raff between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

She's right, but she points to Trump being the problem and appeared to ignore things like corruption going on with other figures in the media.

Humor is subjective, so many won't find this clip very funny, that's for sure.

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