This is what happens when liberals run out of things to complain about

Give me a three letter acronym perfect for describing the typical dopey liberal who spends an eternity complaining and finally runs out of things to complain about, then they see Melania Trump getting inaugurated as the hottest First Lady in eight years and this is what liberals come up with?

F F S!

Sunglasses. Seriously folks. Liberals were complaining about Melania Trump's sunglasses. They weren't even smart enough to insult her for wearing possibly expensive Gucci sunglasses, they were just complaining that she had them on.

Liberals just complained about a woman because she was wearing sunglasses. Let that sink in for a while.


This is my face when I read about the zombie shoehorn liberals.


Here's evidence of the liberals inability to process complicated thoughts, lack of common sense, and the inability to say "wow, that's really f*cking stupid and I'm not going to complain about it and look like the worlds biggest loser."

And here we are. A few people who couldn't figure out how to do life. You're doing it wrong, stupid.twitterloser

Yes. Wearing sunglasses during the daytime, outside, is appropriate. Even the military soldiers are wearing them.


She's on half the cable channels on my TV and she's out in the open. That's not exactly hiding. Hiding is what the Mafia does to bodies when they put cinder blocks on someone's feet and toss them in the Hudson River.

It's not rude to wear sunglasses outside during the day time. You know, the sun is out. May want to get a pair for yourself.

Bonnie is awesome. Be like Bonnie.


Damn, Jerry drops the Jackie O reference. She was a democrat in big sunglasses, but that's none of my business.



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