LOL: Spain Proposes Ban On… Memes Mocking Politicians?!


Spain is a pretty place with turd schnitzels for politics. Like most of Europe (see Dear Crappy Europe: I’m Glad You Hate America…). In fact it’s so bad that some of Spain’s best places, like Barcelona, are a part of the autonomous nationality of Catalonia. They don’t want anything to do with Spain. Can’t imagine why… But if I had to guess? I’d say it has something to do with Spain being a control freak. Take this instance for example. Spain wants to ban memes insulting politicians…

Spain’s ruling party has presented a reform proposal aimed at banning internet memes which appear to mock politicians.

Lawmakers from the Popular Party announced the measures to halt the “spreading of images that infringe the honour of a person” and presented a motion to the national Congress.

The party claimed the reform will only involve memes which are “insulting, involve death threats or accuse a person of committing a crime”.

By the way, this is the sparkling image of “progress” the left is always harping on about. See, Spaniards don’t have the First Amendment like we do. All they have is soccer and tasty croquettes. Spanish politicians have been steadily chipping away at Spain’s freedoms for a while now. Except at the end they won’t be revealing the statue of David, but instead a sack of steaming, anti-liberty suckness.

JeffGoldblumPileShit GIF

All this because Spanish politicians let a few harmless jokes get lodged in their posteriors. Sound familiar? (see Canada: Comedian Mike Ward Fined $35K… for ‘Offensive’ Jokes?!). I can think of a few criminally unfunny memes, mostly to do with Harambe, but none deserving of time in the slammer. It sounds ridiculous, but this is what the left wants. They hate free speech more than gravity hates Hillary’s face. Mean words warrant getting tossed in the clink.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to the word-hating numpties themselves…


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