Look how many millions are wasted in the stimulus relief bill

If you're wondering about how bad the relief bill really is, then take a look at how many millions are going to absolute waste on things that 1) we don't need, and 2) are not even remotely related to helping Americans through an actual pandemic.

According to Nikki Haley, our American government is wasting OUR money on the following:

"These are the items included in the stimulus bill: $75 mill for public television/radio $25 mil for the Kennedy Center $75 mil for the Natl Endowment for the Arts $75 mill for the Natl Endowment for the Humanities How many more people could have been helped with this money?"

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WE THE PEOPLE do not need ANY of this junk right now.

We need money in the hands of all the Americans who were FORCED to stay home from work because China messed up so bad.

Make China send us a big fat check so Americans can stop losing their jobs, homes, and everything else they have worked so hard for.

People live check to check and are being forced to stay home from work.

Meanwhile, the horrible government that we have in America is not letting any tragedy go to waste and they're stuffing millions into the pockets of places that aren't even vital to our existence.

Meanwhile, we've got hospitals running short on supplies, people are going to end up killing themselves over this, and you want us to put millions into some lousy art centers?


I am so fed up with this horrible government.

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